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Legacy Voicemail has been a Repair Depot since its inception. Very few items are considered 'beyond economical repair', as our success rate on repairs is consistently greater than 95%. 
Our Guarantee:
If you send us an item for repair, and we are unable to repair that item, we will offer you an equivalent replacement for the same price as the repair!

Our repair prices are always lower than our replacement prices, so what do you have to lose? If you have an immediate need, or would like to simply shop prices, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call!

Legacy Voicemail has the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot and repair to the component level, and is fully stocked with components needed to repair Line Cards, CPU’s, and Power Supplies for the following voicemail systems:

Centigram VoiceMemo

  • AIP 70, AIP 120, AIP VMRM
  • Series 6, Model 70, Model 120S, Model 640

Baypoint Innovations

  • Series 6, Model 70, Model 120I, Model 120S, Model 640

SS8 Networks

  • Series 6, Model 70, Model 120S, Model 640

Mitel NuPoint Messenger™

  • Series 7, Model 70, Model 120R, Model 120S, Model 640

All of the above listed voicemail systems were originally produced by Centigram. This is the complete list of systems that Centigram was responsible for developing that dates back to 1980. Legacy Voicemail, Inc. has been there all along, and is still there with you now.

Let our 30+ years of Centigram Voicemail experience help you optimize your voicemail system investment.