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Legacy Voicemail provides Maintenance Coverage Plans on several levels to ensure optimal ongoing protection of your voicemail equipment, based on your organizational needs and budgetary requirements. Following is a synopsis of the Maintenance Coverage Plans:

Level I (Full Coverage): Provides full coverage for voicemail systems, components and service on a 24 hour, 7-day a week coverage, based on nationally recognized holidays. This level provides the highest degree of protection.

Level II (Standard Coverage): Provides system and component coverage only. There is no charge for service during normal business hours. After hour or holiday service is available at a discounted rate.

Level III (Parts and Phone Coverage): Provides system and components coverage with your assistance. Service via telephone is provided during normal business hours. If service is needed after hours, it is billable. This contract saves money by the customer labor, supported via telephone.

Level IV (Time and Materials Coverage): Customer equipment information and company records are kept on file. Should a problem arise, call ProMemo for service. Service and Parts are prioritized and worked on as available. Customer can purchase services and parts as they go.

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