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Project Coordinator: A knowledgeable Project Coordinator from Legacy Voicemail will work with you to manage the entire implementation process. This person will work with a Systems Administrator assigned by the customer to handle the voicemail project.

Method of Procedures: Legacy Voicemail will assist the customer with the design and development of the application required. This includes the telephone system integration, message waiting indicators, pagers, tree mailboxes and call agent mailboxes. Then, a detailed Method of Procedure (MOP), and support package will be produced. The MOP includes the responsibilities for all parties involved with the installation, which would include, the customer, the telephone company, electricians and other sub-contractors. To ensure a much more cohesive installation among multiple vendors and sub-contractors, the MOP is signed off by each party responsible for any action and faxed back to the Project Coordinator.

Training Materials: Training materials such as User Guides, Wallet Cards and Administrator Guides are provided. Any extra custom training materials can be produced to match the actual installation i.e… Training material for pagers, tree mailboxes and call agent, just to name a few.

Special Greetings: The Project Coordinator and the customer prepare special company greetings and mailboxes, which might require extra time and thought by the customer before installation.

Equipment QA: Equipment is delivered to Legacy Voicemail, Inc., where trained technicians test items in-house before shipping them to the customer, assuring the quality of the product before installation.

System or Equipment Installation: Qualified technicians program to configure phone line exception features and limits on class of service. Connection to the telephone system with integrations or message waiting indicators are connected and tested. Once the installation is complete the technician completes the checklist prepared by the Project Coordinator.

User Training: User training classes are very important. For an installation to be deemed a success, users must be properly trained. These 30 – 45 minute classes are very important to introduce the product in a positive way. Legacy Voicemail can perform that training, or we can train the Systems Administrator on how to train others. Either way, it is important to train on company policies and voicemail etiquette for the users, to start off on the right foot.

Administrator Training: Legacy Voicemail will train the Systems Administrator to be as self sufficient as possible. It is difficult for the Administrator to handle every project that comes up. It is important to know what your comfort level is and then work with Legacy Voicemail when the need arises.

Technical Training: We provideTechnical Training for better understanding of the voicemail equipment. Done on-site, via telephone or via Computer Based Training.

Project Manual: Legacy Voicemail will create a Project Manual for the Systems Administrator. This includes documents pertinent to the installation, Method Of Procedure (MOP), Training Guides, Mailboxes, and Special Greetings for Company Mailboxes. Included is information on how to contact Legacy Voicemail in case of emergency 24-7.

ONLINE DOCUMENTATION: Legacy Voicemail provides free access to the Technical Manuals directly from our web site. No more worrying about where your Documentation CD has gone.

Let our 30+ years of Centigram Voicemail experience help you optimize your voicemail system investment.