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Businesses today purchase information technology based on current needs and future requirements. With the Model 640, your investment is safe. Model 640 offers:
  • State-of-the-art technology based on industry standards which guarantees quality components
  • Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol (MVIP) bus which provides highly sophisticated sharing of system resources, i.e., fax functions
  • Modular architecture that allows you to buy the system you need today, and then cost-effectively add applications, features, and functions as your business grows.
And since each new module shares the same database as the modules already installed, your stored messages, system data — and especially your investment — are always protected.

The largest of Centigram's Series 6 models, the Model 640 expands from 8 to 240 ports and 100 to 2,800 (redundant) or 5,700 (non-redundant) hours of speech storage. The high-density line cards and larger processor support more than 345,000 user mailboxes, making the Model 640 an ideal solution for customers who need high-capacity systems that support a full range of applications, including:

  • VoiceMemo ®, a feature-rich voice messaging product.
  • FaxMemo, a mailbox-based fax management product.
  • OneView™, an integrated multimedia messaging product for the desktop.
  • CallAgent ®, an advanced call processing solution for individuals and organizations
  • MESA-Net, a digital networking option that can link up to 1,500 Centigram servers
  • Digital integration with virtually any PBX or Central Office or telephone system
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for future application support.


Included as a standard feature, the Model 640 uses integrated drive electronics (IDE) technology to integrate controller functions into the disk assembly, making an interface card unnecessary. Hard Drive redundancy ensures that no system data is lost - even if one of the drives is removed from service. A primary drive and its redundant partner function as "mirror images" of each other; when a drive is put back into service, it automatically synchronizes itself with its "partner." As a result hard drive redundancy enhances system availability.

Legacy Model 640 Specifications:


Number of Ports:8-240 Voice Ports
0-32 Fax Ports
Hours of Speech Storage:100 to 2,800 (Redundant)
100 to 5,700 (Non-Redundant)
Number of Mailboxes:Up to 345,000
Cabinet Size Per Module:
(single module system)
Height:  36.75” (93.34 cm)
Width: 17” (43.18 cm)
Depth:  12” (30.48 cm)
Weight:121 lbs (54.8 kg)


CPU Module:
1 to 4, 60 Ports maximum per module
CPU Type:1 Intel Pentium CPU per module
Disk Storage Module: 1 to 4 Drives maximum per module, and 12 per system.
Hard Drive Type:SCSI
Floppy Type: 3.5”, 1.44 MB
Serial I/O: 4 ports


Temperature: Operating: -40° to 100° F. (4° to 38° C.)
Nonoperating: -35° to 120° F. (2° to 49° C.)
Humidity: Operating: 20% to 55%, non-condensing
Nonoperating: 10% to 80%, non-condensing
ESD: No human intervention 10kV
No permanent damage 15kV
AC Power: 110/120 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz., 1018 watt, 12.25 amps per module
220/240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz., 975 watt, 6.10 amps per module
DC Power: -48VDC, 853 Watts, 23.75 amps per module
Agency Approvals: CSA, FCC Parts 15 and 68, DOC, NRTL/C (equal to UL 1950), EN60950, CISPR22, BABT, CE (Digital), IEC 950