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 Hours: 2 - 120
Ports: 2-120
Up to 204,000 (no extra licenses required) 

These systems are still supported and very much in operation worldwide today.

An investment in a communications system is not something most business can afford to throw away. With the AIP Rackmount system, your investment was always safe. This was the largest AIP system originally available from Centigram. The Rackmount expands to 112 ports and supports up to 204,000 user mailboxes. And if you still need more capacity, you can network multiple AIP systems together, which means you can support millions of users.

Because of the AIP rackmount's modular design, you buy the system you need today, and cost-effectively expand it tomorrow. Each new module shares the same database as the modules already installed, so there’s no loss of messages or information, or of your investment.





The AIP Rackmount supports 4 to 112 ports of VoiceMemo and 10 to 480 (redundant) or 960 (non-redundant) hours of message storage space. This makes the ideal solution for customers who need a large system that provides a full range of features and functionality, including:

  • VoiceMemo, a feature-rich voice messaging product.
  • FaxMemo, a fax messaging product that integrates with VoiceMemo to provide users with fax store-and-forward capabilities from their VoiceMemo mailboxes.
  • OneView, an integrated multimedia messaging product for the desktop.
  • CallAgent, an advanced call processing solution for individuals and organizations.
  • Digital networking, an option that can link up to 1500 AIP systems.
  • PBX Integration, integration with virtually any PBX, Central Office or Telephone system.


The AIP Rackmount is one of the most reliable communication systems available today because it contains only four basic parts – CPU, Hard Drive, Line Cards and Power Supply. Small computer system interface (SCSI) Hard Drive technology provides high throughput, efficient bus traffic, disk drive redundancy and distributed processing. Centigram optional Continous System Operation (CSO) software complements the built-in redundancy of the AIP Rackmount, creating a system that has no single point of failure.  

Centigram VoiceMemo voice processing systems with MESA architecture are the most cost effective way to improve communications and reduce telephone costs. VoiceMemo combines modular expandability, a small footprint and a choice of capacity from 5 hours and 2 ports, up to 80 hours and 12 ports. MESA (Modular Expandable System Architecture) is an open, flexible voice messaging system architecture. This architecture incorporates fewer hardware components, allows for the easy addition of new features, and makes the system easy to install and maintain.


  • Multiple Messages & Distribution Lists:
    You can simultaneously send messages to as many as 20 users in a single operation. You can do this by creating your own personal distribution list or by addressing individual messages for multiple mailboxes. VoiceMemo II also provides automatic purging of invalid mailboxes from distribution lists.
  • Message Delivery:
    VoiceMemo II can deliver unplayed messages to you at a telephone number that you designate from your telephone keypad. The system will attempt to call you if you have an unplayed message. After you answer and enter your passcode, you can play your messages.
  • Pager:
    Your system can activate your pager when you have a message waiting. VoiceMemo II can repage at the intervals and frequency you specify. It can automatically dial up to 3 alternate numbers if the initial pages do not reach the user. In addition, subscribers can enable or disable the pager and change the paging telephone number from their mailboxes. Those subscribers with voice pagers may listen to their unplayed messages directly over the voice pager.

  • Message Addressing Options:
    These options allow you to mark your message in two important ways. You can designate that your message is private so that it cannot be given to another mailbox or you can request a return receipt to confirm that your message was played. You can mark your message for urgent delivery. Outside callers may also mark your message urgent.

  • Automatic Wake-up:
    You can set up one (or several) Wake up calls at a time and telephone number you designate from your telephone keypad.

  • Mailbox Capacity:
    VoiceMemo II mailboxes can hold up to 70 messages at one time.

  • Personalized Greeting:
    Each User can record a greeting and change it as often as desired, from any touch-tone telephone. Up to four personal greetings are available per user.

  • Billing and Reports:
    VoiceMemo II will track individual and system usage and provide reports as requested. Statistics Reports include ATB, Group Usage and Speech Storage.

  • System Broadcast Feature:
    One call will quickly and easily to all users on the system.

  • Tollsaver:
    In the service bureau applications, a ringback tone indicates to a subscriber that there are no unplayed messages in the mailbox. If the user promptly hangs up, no toll charges will be incurred.

  • No Language Barriers:
    Messages in any language, can be stored and transmitted accurately in the caller’s own voice. Additionally, Centigram offers foreign language prompts in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Swedish either for the system or for the individual user.

  • Integration Packages:
    Several new PBX integration packages are available with VoiceMemo Release 5.X providing message notification to a personal greeting.

  • MESA-Net:
    Supported on the 5.X platform, MESA-Net is a digital, high speed, full duplex network for up to 1500 remotely-located Centigram VoiceMemo systems.

  • Future Delivery:
    Messages to mailboxes or to off-system telephone numbers may now be scheduled for delivery up to sixty days in advance.

  • Dial By Name:
    Using the telephone keypad, you can “spell” the name of the user even if you do not know the extension or mailbox number. You may also use the Dial By Name to address or forward VoiceMemo messages.

  • Off-System Messaging:
    Allows the user to send a message to any telephone number “off the system.” The user may specify either immediately or future delivery.

  • MESA Forms:
    Callers may be routed to this easy-to-use voice forms application for order entry, routine requests, opinion polls, etc.

  • Message Skip Feature:
    Allows users to interrupt a message while playing and move immediately to the top of the next message, without changing the unplayed status of the message.

  • Time Zone Offset:
    An especially convenient feature for remotely-located users, this feature allows the user to convert message time stamps to the time zone of choice.

Detailed Specifications:

Number of Ports: 2 to 12 Voice Ports
Hours of Speech Storage: 5 to 80
Number of Mailboxes: Up to 2,500

Cabinet Size Per Module: (single module system)
Height: 28.0” (71.1 cm)
Width: 8.0” (20.3 cm)
Depth: 20.5” (51.6 cm)
Weight: 65 lbs (29.5 kg)

CPU Module: 1
CPU Type:(1) 486 CPU
Hard Drive Type: SCSI
Floppy Type: 3.5”, 1.44 MB
Serial I/O: 4 ports

Operating: 50° to 100° F. (10° to 40° C.)
Short Term: 50° to 100° F. (10° to 38° C.)
Relative Humidity: Operating: 30% to 80%, non-condensing

AC Power:
110/120 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz., 400 or 600 watt, 10 amps
220/240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz., 400 or 600 watt, 6 amps

DC Power:
Not available.

Heat Dissipation:
1500 BTU/hr (Maximum) 110VAC

Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, FCC Parts 15 and 68