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30 years!Welcome to Legacy Voicemail!

This year we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, and have not slowed down at all for one very good reason: The recent economic downturn has produced conscientious buyers and bargain shoppers like never before. And that has always been our niche.  Even when we had the opportunity, we never once overinflated our prices.  We are as reliable, dependable and affordable as the equipment we are proud to sell and service.  We have always looked long term, controlled our growth, taken good care of our many customers over the years, and engineered ourselves to last.  That's good news for us and for anyone who gives us a try, because you won't a more balanced blend of reliability, dependability, knowledge and guiding expertise, not to mention EXCELLENT PRICES out there anywhere!

Furthermore we have, by far, the largest inventory of new and legacy parts and systems available anywhere in the world. That's not an idle boast. It is a fact, and we stand behind it.

The old saying, "They don't make them like they used to" is not always true, but it certainly has held true for Centigram and Centigram-based voicemail equipment, which have always been the overall premium choices, with thousands upon thousands of even 30 year-old systems still in operation and are being maintained globally. Why? Because it was all engineered to last. Planned obsolescence was not in the vocabulary of the original designers, and the engineering genius, software, hardware, firmware, economy of coding, and redundancy, is still unparalleled anywhere in the industry.

For all the above and more we are proud to say that we stand firmly behind Centigram and Centigram-based equipment, and have for more than 30 years! Let our knowledge and expertise serve you as well. You won't get a more straight shooting, conscientious, and just importantly, economical source for all of your voicemail system needs.